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Vintage Car Wish List
I'm looking examples of these cars. It might look like an eclectic collection, but each has a fond memory. What better way to relive memories than to own one and you can drive them too. If you know of any of these makes and models that are For Sale - email me. I am not looking for show cars, "drivers" preferred - no project PLEASE.caption
Porsche 356A
Looking for quality 356A coupe. Will pay correct price for correct car. Doesn't have to be show car, older original or restoration OK. No Projects PLEASE! Bought a basket case and kept it a short time, so can take if from list if I want, but if another comes along - who knows.


Porsche 911
My first Porsche was a 1969 Porsche 911T. Still have a fondness for these early 911. My wife, Molly and I drove across the country after marrying and both of our daughter were brought home from hospital in this 911. If I find the right one I'll probably buy it. Bought a '71, but sold it after a offer came. Was Tangerine color and either you love it or hate it. I fall into the latter catagory.
Ironically the fellow who owns this Elite contact me. Car is on east coast. We discussed sale, but he really didn't want to part with it. Dang!
Lotus Elite I & II 1958-62
Adopted from Colin Chapman's racing Lotus Seven chassis and drive line, the Elite was an all fiberglass body. Some cars were even offered as kits to avoid VAT tax in England. Prefer Series II and LHD. Must read if you want to know about these cars.  Dennis Ortenburger's " The Original Lotus Elite, Racing Car for the Road". Met him and his green Elite at a casual car gathering in Morro Bay in 2010.
Mini Cooper or S 1961-75
Based on the mass production Mini's of the era, these were performance versions that raced and rallied throughout Europe and the US. Will consider any 60s vintage Mini in good shape, in all cases want LHD only car.  
Citroen Traction Avant 1950s
Not really a sports car - but...unique.Front wheel drive and a Sports Sedan before the term was invented. These sedans were stars of many movies usually as the police cars. The car pictured was one of 43 cars that drove Around the World in 80 Day in 2000.
Car & Driver Spec.(CH) #34 Francois Chervaz(CH)/Shirin 911 ccm
Aston Martin DB2 1950-59
The majority of the DB2 series were DB2/4 (with rear seats). The DB2 was a purer design to my eyes and is consequently rarer.The car pictured was one of 43 cars that drove Around the World in 80 Day in 2000.
Car & Driver Spec. (GB) # 52 David Laing(GB)/Mary Laing(GB) 1952 Aston Martin DB2 Coupe 2580 ccm 
Morgan Plus 4 1947-69
The Plus 4 actually started production in 1947 (flat radiator). The example pictured is a 1967 with TR2A engine. This is actually the car I owned and regret selling - now I have to buy one back. Ever do that?
Forgot to put this on list then ended up buying one. Again, kept it awhile, but sold it. See MGTC page on this site.

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