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My Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Coupe Page. This too is in my garage. Pictured is original car on trip from California to Denver. Note yellow California plates. Original car purchased in Denver, latest one in St. Louis. This page give some background and a slide show of car today.
My 1963 Porsche 356B Coupe Page. Started as vintage race car, ended up fast "driver". Still in my garage. This page gives background and links to a page showing restoration.
SOLD Check out my 1980 Porsche 928 Page. Critics aside, this was a great Grand Touring car . Sold it to give me more time with my Alfa & 356.
Bill Witcher's PorschesMy Porsches: Looking back, I realize I have owned one each of the air cooled Porsche® models except a Pre A 356 and a high bumper 911.
I think I will call it a day with the watercooled Porsche® models. The 928 is just fine and the 924 and variants never had much appeal to me. The 914 - well that was more VW. Now a 993 would be nice, water cooled with all the modern features I missed in my 356/911 models. My Porsches

2003 Audi A4 Quattro - New to my garage.

Everybody needs a "Daily Driver". Mine has always been Audi smaller models, 90 and now A4. This one sort of found me in California and has been one of the most fun "sports sedans" I have had the pleasure of owner or driving.

For more details check the following link. Audi A4 Quattro .

Audi A4
Recent Cars I have owned and sold
SOLD 1949 MG TC Roadster
This is the car that started the Sports Car movement in the US. Produced from 1946 to 1949, the TC is the classic sports car of the era and was brought into the US by soldiers returning from WW II. Check any early drivers list of cars from Phil Hill to Carrol Shelby and you will see he owned and raced a TC. Was and still is a Classic. See MG

SOLD 1970 Porsche 911T.

Although on my WISH list, I bought this Tangerine coupe, but put it on ebay and got such a favorable reaction, sold it.

For more details check the following link. Porsche 911T . Still looking, but guess I need a more conservative color like my original Maroon '69T.

1970 Porsche 911

SOLD 1957 Porsche 356A

Ebay purchase with intent to restore. Too much to do so sold it. Now in England and probably restored. 1957 Porsche 356A Coupe .

SOLD 1932 Ford 3W Coupe

Check the Street Rod Adventure page. Little Deuce Coupe. This was was built by me with lots of help from Randy Mead. So much different than restoring a car. Rules of rodding - anything goes!

Bike Collection Morro Bay, California
Walking around in downtown Morro Bay I came upon a unmarked storefront. In looking through window I spotted a very large collection of Vintage Motorcycle. The door was open so I ventured in. Several other guys were wondering around and another one was working on a modern Ducati Super Bike in the rear. What I had stumbled onto was part of the collection of an individual who shall remain anonymous. See Gallery
Tim Mattson Custom Woodie Morro Bay, California Car Show May 4th to 6th 2007
First big street rod event on Central Coast of California. This was our first year attending this show and over 700 cars were in attendance from all over California. My Gallery of only 40 cars favors the 30s and 40s Fords, but I have a few other cars of interest. Shown on right is a 1951 Ford Woodie Custom done by Tim Mattson Street Rods. Next to it was a '40 Ford Convertible (shown in Gallery) by Tim too. If the name sounds familiar, Tim is ex Oakland Raiders player turned car builder. GALLERY CLICK HERE
And here is another Gallery of the Saturday morning Hangout at the Embarcadero in Morro Bay
Barn Find: Jimmy Zs 356
This little 1953 Pre A Porsche 356 Coupe was resting in storage since the 1970s in a barn in the Central Valley of California. Owner had started to build an "Outlaw" with different engine and even an automatic. Stored as it was it appears to be virtually rust free and no evidence of collision damage. Only a few body modifications including air intakes for rear engine compartment. What's next, well new owner is not sure, it was given to him by owner for some work exchange. Stay tuned - we will watch its progress over time. 1953 Pre A Coupe
Collecting 1:43 scale models is a recent passion. Although it started with no particular theme except vintage cars from the early days of racing and sports cars in US. Lately I have started collecting a series of LeMans winners or serious contenders.
!:43 Scale Models

Surprise guest in my garage.

My chance to take a drive in a 1922 Hipano-Suiza was somewhat spoiled by a breakdown in my driveway. While we wait for Passport/FedEx truck to show up for its trip to restorer in San Diego it sits in my garage. All 17 feet of it.

For more details check the following link. Hispano .

Hispano Suiz

1964 356C Coupe
SOLD 1963 356C Coupe
This is a friend's car and is located in Kalispell, Montana . It was his grandfather's who was original owner and it has only 38,000 original miles with all the documentation from purchase.

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2004 Porsche 911 GT3 SOLD

This car was to be offered on ebay for a friend. It SOLD to first potential buyer. Unfortunately this was NOT in my garage. Not enough space :)

For more details check the following link. Porsche 911 GT3 .

Check out my Wish List, help me fill my garage with cars.

Vintage car rally Around the World in 80 Days - 2000

Tools - Mechanic's Definition - by Peter Egan R&T Magazine

Check the Bugatti Club @ Vintage Automobilia in Cambria, CA.

Photo gallery of Dunkels All-Porsche Event Feb. 2004

Here is a photo gallery of Dunkels All-Porsche Event Feb. 2003

Gallery of Porsche Club Track Day at Lewistown, Montana

Build your own Porsche, VW Beatle or Bus

Click Images on right to design your own Porsche or VW Bug, Bus or Type3.
Courtesy of Rich Whitlock, the UK based designer - VW & Porsche guy - thanks Rich.Copyrights 2003 - Rich Whitlock and Restomotors UK


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356 Registry West Coast Holiday - Monterey 1982

Porsche 20" x 7" full color Photographic Print

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