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My Porsche Experience - to date.
My love affair with sports car didn't begin with Porsche. Actually I favored the Italian cars for both styling and performance. In the 1960s I started with a Alfa Sprint Coupe (I have one now same year and model, see ALFA). My first Porsche included a factory tour. I was planning a month in Europe and the local Porsche dealer mentioned European delivery. I could save some money and have fun in Europe in the bargain. So I ordered a 1969 911T, a little more than the 912 that was in my budget. It turned out the factory didn't get my car done so I toured in a VW. Home with the new 911 - it was fun and games and a cross country trip from California to my new wife's home in Ohio. Like many newlyweds, home and kids made the 911 too small and too expensive.
A move to Montana saw an active Porsche Club and a 1967 912 seemed to fit the bill and budget. Again, great fun for the whole family including my 2 young daughters. My venture back to early Porsches was a 1964 356C of a friends. Great car, but 2 Porsches was a little too much, particularly since another friend had a very low mileage 1980 928 that I had lusted for over the years. Three Porsches was ridiculous considering my garage space, so the 356 was sold. In 2010 I decided that even the 928 wasn't geting enough attention so sold it. See 928
Oh I forgot to mention I also bought a 1967 Morgan 4x4 just to get the Anglo experience, and EXPERIENCE it was. Next I found an Alfa like I had owned and bought it to restore. On the Porsche side the 912 was used for club and autocross events, the 928 for Grand Touring I was satisfied, until I went to the 356 Registry West Coast Holiday and Vintage Racing was starting up near enough for me to participate.
Enter the 356B. This was and is a car I had known for awhile and it was perfect platform for a vintage race car. Work started just about the same time vintage racing stopped in my area. With assistance and videos from Harry Pellows, I rebuilt the engine to mild race specs. Still have this Porsche and have nice fast "driver". Not a show car, but I did manage to get "Peoples Choice" at a small German Car Show. See 356B
My search for a Porsche 356A: This has been an ongoing effort with many candidates coming and going over the years. The "A" I got briefly was again a perfect restoration candidate, but got an offer and sold it. The next Porsche to "find me" was a 1970 911T, again the charm and shear fun of these torquey little beasts won me over and I bought it within 2 days of driving it. Do you remember the '70s color Tangerine, well that was its color and it literally drove me nuts, and so it too was sold. See 911T & 356A
The moral of my little story is that Porsches can be fun, frustrating and a lots of work. For now I am settled in with the "B" Coupe and the '61 Alfa, think I will stay there awhile.
Of course ebaymotors is on my favorites list and I have been just a few dollars away from another 356 and/or early 911. If only prices would soften like real estate.

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