SOLD 1949 MG TC "Midget" Roadster SOLD
Chassis: TC8250 Engine: XPAG 8955

Text updated November 16, 2009

This is a numbers matching car with a great natural patina. The car was in a Montana car museum for over 6 years. Previous owner began refreshing car, and I have continued that work to make it reliable and factory correct. Starts right up with no smoke and shifts smoothly. Oil leaks went away with use and fresh gaskets as needed after years of sitting on display. Engine, Transmission, body and interior in good to excellent shape. Paint shows some flaws from age and use, major flaws were repainted or polished out.

Brief history of car: Delivered in England to a Mexican national who took it to Mexico for some years. Front badges reflect that original owners travels. Local Montana man purchase it in Missouri and brought it to Montana in the '70s. Owner I purchased it from has owned it over 20 year so best I can determine is that I am 4th owner. Odmeter shows 6025 miles, but is new gauge. Have not done a CarFax.

All numbers match and TRegister shows it as 1949. Somehow registered as a 1946 in Missouri and registered it same way in Montana until I can get information to DMV that they will accept. They want letter from Factory.....ha ha. Since it is out of production who know what will happen. Hagerty Insured it as a 1949 and most books show the chassis and engine number as 1949. See

Upholstery looks near new and last owner replaced a great deal of wood framing and apparently replated much of the trim. Chrome is excellent. Top and rear window like new and in excellent condition. Car is missing tonneau cover and side curtains. Tires (Dunlops) and rims good, spare looks to be old original. MG crest added in spare center. Lever shocks have been redone, new bushings etc. Have parts for spring rebuild. Distributor rebuilt with Pertronix. Brakes and handbreak working and stops on dime.

All new plug wiring and distributor cap. Cooling system redone including water pump with correct wire clamps and correct toothed fan belt used. All fluids changes, carbs an float chambers gone through, drives and shifts smooth and quiet. Valve cover is after market polished and finned type that was a period accessory. Has both fender mirrors and center dash mirror. Two driving lights. one clear other yellow element as fog light. Lucas "Cat Eye" headlights.

Recent work includes repaint under hood including new battery box cover, repair ding in front fender and patch holes in front valance. Hood and fenders polished where paint was poorly finished. Some engine detailing started, but as you can see needs some more TLC. New battery and battery cut-off switch. My concentration is making sure everything works by repair or replace. All new parts from Moss Motors.

Underhood plaques show factory numbers and match engine plate on block.

Dash is the vinyl covered that was stock in 1949. Large gauges are new and all small ones work. All lights are hooked up - headlight, taillights, parking lights hi-low all working. Although not an export model, correct turn signal switch was added, wired to tail/brake light unit. Two road lights are hooked up but no horn. It has a Brooklands steering wheel with good chrome. Wipers work but are not wired at present (have correct wiring from Moss). Has original crank lever and original ARMCO wind wings in good shape. Not pictured in some shots, center dash rear view mirror has been added. Dash insert could use refinishing. Rigged to start with 2 toggle switches, key missing, have blank and will work on or delivery as is.

Bottom line: Excellent driver with great natural patina. Mechanically great and as fun to drive as it was in 1949. The TC was credited with starting the Sports Car craze in US and driving it is a trip back in time. Not a show car, but draws the crowds and waves when driving.

SOLD: $19,750 USD

I priced this at little over low retail based on recent NADA guide
although it is closer to Average Retail Description used in NADA guide.
I am a private seller not a dealer.

Contact or 406 259-1043

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