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Links - Automotive - page updated 1/30/2011

Car Brochures and Literature Site: Very interesting site showing car brochures etc. Great historic reference. "His name is Hans Tore Tangerud who lives in Kristiansand, Norway".

All Porsche blog by Rick Ratliff from all Porsche salvage yard to videos of Porsche ads and a look at what's new with Porsche models.

Jay Leno's Garage - Internet Links as seen on car36.comGreat site, great collection - and he's funny too.


The Race Lounge -

 Model Cars Internet Links as seen on  Car models of all scales. Books and other items.

Stay current check-out - AutoWeek Online -

A monthly must read - Road & Track Online -

Follow the Auctions - Sports Car Market -

Klemanski Internet Links as seen on

Vintage racing photography. Not just Klemanski, but many other photographers from '50 to '70s

More vintage race photos see Allen Kuhn's vintage-sportscar-photos

Auto auction for the collector -

One of many but good - Auto Pricing Guide -

Dave Deal Internet Links as seen on

Very clever auto illustrator. Dave Deal has done illustrations for the new Pixar film "CARS". Very clever and satirical art.

Porsche 356 Registry -

Alfa Owners Club -

Audi Owners site -

Morgan Sports Car Owners Group -

Information Sites

NEW Here is an amazing information site on automobiles including basics from history to maintenance and links to other informative automotive site. My favorite (tab CLASSIC CARS) a list of car museums and collections

Search Site for finding things on the net:

People Finder Site for phone numbers etc:

Weather - weather and forecast site:

Digital Photography info. & reviews:

News with a humorous slant:

If you have additional links you would like to see on this page just EMAIL us and we will try an accommodate you.

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