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Alfa @ 100 - NYTimes article

1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Coupe
I bought and started restoration of this car in 1983. Purchased from a gentleman in St. Louis, this was his 16th Alfa. It is a close as I could find to the first Alfa I owned in the 1960s - my first sports car. Much of the time spent on this restoration was searching for parts. It went into storage after completion and was taken out in the summer of 2001. Since replacement parts sources were rare, Alfa Owner Magazine became my best source of used parts. One of my best sources became a musician in Seattle who had a virtual cache of Giulietta parts in the basement of the apartment building he lived in. The restoration took several years with body shop changes and finally completed in 1986. The car was driven a few years and then business interested prompted storage for almost 15 years. In 2001 it was taken from storage and with surprising little effort brought back into running condition.
Nuccio Bertone
If you don't know Alfa Giuliettas, the history that follows will be of interest.
The Giulietta model Alfa Romeo coupe was the first post World War II Alfa Romeo sports car to go into series production. Alfa Romeo commissioned custom coachbuilder Nuccio Bertone to design a small grand touring coupe. Upon his death in 1997, the New York Times obituary pictured a white Sprint like this and said that the Giulietta Sprint was Bertone's first great success. The Giulietta series of cars began in 1954 with the Sprint. A Pininfarina designed Spider (roadster) followed. Other limited production sports models included the Sprint Speciale and very rare Sprint Zagatos.
Sprint Coupes
The car pictured is a Sprint Normal 101 series, the second series. For some reason, known only to Alfa, the first series was designated 750. Normal and Veloce models were available in Sprints and Spiders, the Veloce's having performance modifications to the engine.
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