SOLD 1964 Porsche 356C Coupe T-6

Chassis No: 217 606 / Engine No: P*712820
38,000 Original miles - all records

I have a 1964 356C that belonged to my grandfather that I am reluctantly selling. If you know of anyone who would be interested in a low mileage fully documented bathtub, please contact me at I have put an asking price, but do not know much about current pricing of 356s in this condition and with this type history. Car is located in Kalispell, MT.

My grandfather ordered this car and it was courtesy delivered by the VW dealer in Kalispell, MT. As stated above I have full documentation and maintenance records. The current mileage is 38,000. The car is original with the exception of a repaint in 1996 and new tires in 2000. There is some rust repair needed at the front of the driver's quarter / rear driver door edge and around the trunk lid / fender edge on the driver's side. (Thanks to the MT Department of Transportation and their liberal use of calcium chloride during the winter in this valley.) The car was rust free at the time of the repaint in 96. The car has not been driven since that winter of 2000-2001. The under carriage will need detailing as this car has been a driver.

The color is the original Signal Red with black vinyl interior. As far as the interior is concerned, the seats are in good shape, the vinyl is still soft. The driver's seat has a small section of stitching coming loose (about an inch) in the bottom cover. There is no material damage that I can see but the seam should be restitched. This area is nearly invisible unless you are looking very closely, so a quick fix now should be easy. The outside edge of the driver's seat also has a small split or tear in it that must have happened in the sixties. The electrical tape that my grandfather used to cover it up is still there. I didn't have the heart to remove it. The dash pad is original and perfect, as are all of the other pieces on the inside with the exception of a very small tear in the headliner on the right rear by the side window defroster duct and some fraying on the speaker grilles, for which I have no explanation. Everything works including the radio and clock. I sent the clock in to be repaired and they updated it to a quartz movement, It is ticking along happily to this day.

The battery has been in the car since 2000 (unhooked of course) still has enough juice to turn the car over? The brakes feel firm as well but I would highly suggest flushing the system again, (I did so in 1997 before I started driving the car again after its 18 year nap). I would also recommend replacing the rubber feed hoses in the brake system before driving the car extensively. The hoses may be fine, but they are, after all, 45 plus years old.

The car has not been out of the driveway since late 2000. Still, all seems to be well. This has been the car's pattern since I got it in 1996. Way back then, even after sitting 18 years, the only thing needed to get it running again was cleaning the varnish at the petcock and the fuel pump, and a condenser replacement. I imagine this time will be similar as it fired up with just a trickle of fuel into the carbs.

Other than your standard leaks, valve cover (it appears at first glance under the car) and trans (the outside is damp), the car appears solid underneath.

The tank should be pulled, washed out, and sealed as well. The gas does not smell very varnished, but I am sure after sitting since late 2000 it is no good. The fuel lines will need to be blown out as well.

The car is in need of a new muffler. The original one finally started to succumb to rot in late 1999. I have a new Dansk muffler and tail pipes. If it weren't for the popping and rattling coming from the muffler, and my anal freak side, a guy could get used to the low rumble the car has now. I guess that is a flash back from my muscle car days.

The floor pans and longitudinals are solid. The undercarriage needs a complete detail, Just one of the many projects that got put off in favor of the fun to be had driving the car. As far as suspension work, the only things that I know of that could stand to be replaced would be bushings. The shock bushings etc. are pretty age weary and cracking. I started to notice a little thumping coming from the rear over the bumps the last few times I drove the car. The steering is still unbelievably tight although I did notice some dampness showing on the gearbox when I crawled underneath yesterday. I would strongly recommend a wheel bearing pack as well.

The one thing I would replace on the inside at some point, is the carpet. It is serviceable now but I see some areas where it is starting to fray when you vacuum. It has been dyed black (by me) because it had faded to a pretty unsightly off tan color by the time I got the car. There is also a spot on the left kick panel pocket where it is tearing loose. I believe this to be from my grandfather's boot dragging across that edge as he got in.
The floor covering is still excellent as are the pedal pads and shift boot.

All in all, I feel the car represents its miles very well. There is some normal wear as it has been a driver not a show car. As a daily driver, most if not all of the imperfections inside would not be an issue.
I think with some time and TLC the new owner of this car would be hard pressed to find a better example of a 356C anywhere. I know I will regret selling this car. I want this car to go to a home where it will be appreciated and DRIVEN as they were meant to be.

Thanks for your interest.

Brad Dager

I can be contacted by phone:406-755-1346 cell 406-261-5002 Email:

SOLD Asking $28,500

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