1957 Porsche 356A Coupe

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1957 Porsche 356A Coupe
1957 Porsche 356A Coupe T1
If you have seen my Wish List, I broke my own rule on this purchase. NO PROJECTS.
It was a numbers matching car with some rust issues, but basically it was all there. Bought on ebay after bidding from people in France, England, Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Australia. Seller had found it stored about 10 years and bought it for resale. Certificate of Authenticity shows birth date 09/13/1957. California titled as 1958, but corrected to 1957 with new title. All numbers match. Delivered Ivory/Red with Sealed-Beam Headlights and U.S. Bumpers.
Body / Chassis # 1016421957 Porsche 356A Coupe
Rust in rear of front fenders on both sides, plus weak longitudinal, but floors and other areas usually hit by rust still intact. Even has original fiberboard battery cover in good shape. Unbent hood and both front and rear don't show any evidence of collision damage. Looks like older repaint of original Ivory with original red interior in fair shape and except for driver's seat. Most panel and parts indicate 1957 as time of manufacture. Shine-up license light and oval taillights were introduced in mid 1957. All insulation under deck and in engine compartment in amazingly good shape and appears original. All door, deck and hood close like new.
Engine P*66927
Normal engine in boxes. Appears that a rebuild was started, case and heads look like work done, but rest of components look original as taken apart some 10 years ago. Missing some sheet metal including fan shroud. Solexs and flywheel untouched. Transmission in car and evidence of VW engine used at some point in its life.
History of Car
Car thought to have been owned for 20 years by one owner prior to seller I purchased from. Not much else known about history of car. Car was located in Southern California.
See My Porsches for more details.
Still on the hunt for a good 356A Coupe to add to my collection. See Wish List. If you know of one or have one for sales email me. bill@car36.com

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